• 04/2023:  Presented her poster at 2023 SOBP
  • 04/2023:  Started her third lab rotation in the MontiLab
  • 03/2023:  Abstract accepted by 2023 SOBP for a poster presentation
  • 01/2023:  Started her second lab rotation in the Brain Connectivity and Cognition Lab  


  • 12/2022:  Paper about 24-h movement behaviors and health indicator in early adolescence is out in JAH 
  • 09/2022:  Started her first lab rotation in the Bearden Lab
  • 09/2022:  Started her PhD in Neuroscience at UCLA
  • 08/2022:  Received the Graduate Dean’s Scholar Award from UCLA
  • 08/2022:  Graduated from NUS with a Master’s in Computing with a focus on Artificial Intelligence


  • 06/2021:  Presented her poster at 2021 OHBM
  • 06/2021:  Joined the Meditation Research Group at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School as a Graduate Intern
  • 06/2021:  Became the WebGuru for the Society for Neuroscience Singapore Chapter (Revamped Website)
  • 05/2021:  Joined Neuroglee Therapeutics as a Cognitive Scientist
  • 04/2021:  Became the Newsletter Editor for the Society for Neuroscience Singapore Chapter (Subscribe)[Past Issues]
  • 04/2021:  Datature launched its no-code computer vision and deep learning platform on ProductHunt 
  • 03/2021:  Abstract accepted by 2021 OHBM for a poster presentation


  • 09/2020:  Became the Centre Representative for the Centre for Sleep and Cognition (CSC) at SfN-SG
  • 08/2020:  Started the Master of Computing (Artificial Intelligence) program at NUS
  • 07/2020:  Participated in Neurohackademy – Data Science and Neuroimaging Hackathon
  • 07/2020:  Attended Neuromatch Academy – a summer school for Computational Neuroscience [Certificate]
  • 07/2020:  Attended 2020 OHBM Education Courses
  • 07/2020:  Received her Professional Certificate in Data Science from HarvardX [Certificate]
  • 06/2020:  Participated in the 2020 Organization for Human Brain Mapping Annual Meeting
  • 05/2020:  Participated in the 2020 Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting
  • 02/2020:  Joined the Sleep and Cognition Laboratory at National University of Singapore as a Research Associate


  • 11/2019:  Datature won Top 12 Global Start-up in Slingshot 2019 [Media]
  • 08/2019:  Became a member of Society for Neuroscience: Singapore Chapter
  • 06/2019:  Presented her poster at the 2019 Organization for Human Brain Mapping Annual Meeting
  • 03/2019:  Datature won the Rolls-Royce Data Innovation Challenge [Media]
  • 01/2019:  Joined Clinical Imaging Research Centre as a Data Scientist in the MRI Operations Image Analysis Team


  • 12/2018:  Joined Datature as a Data Analyst
  • 06/2018:  Presented her poster at the 2018 Organization for Human Brain Mapping Annual Meeting


  • 12/2017:  Her second co-authored paper – with Dr. Sam Gilbert – was accepted by NeuroImage [pdf]
  • 04/2017:  Her first co-authored paper – with the Gopnik Lab – was accepted by PNAS [pdf]


  • 12/2016:  Started her first multi-modal clinical neuroimaging study with Dr. Lee Shu-Hui and Prof. Annabel Chen
  • 11/2016:  Joined the Clinical Brain Lab at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore as a Research Associate
  • 10/2016:  Graduated from UCL with a master of research degree in Cognitive Neuroscience


  • 11/2015:  Started her first fMRI study with Dr. Sam Gilbert
  • 10/2015:  Relocated to London to start the Master of Research in Cognitive Neuroscience programme at UCL
  • 05/2015:  Graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology (departmental honors)
  • 04/2015:  Submitted her honors thesis

Before 2015

  • 05/2014:  Became a member of Psi Chi: Berkeley Chapter
  • 11/2013:  Started her first research project with Dr. Adrienne Wente and Prof. Alison Gopnik
  • 10/2013:  Joined the Gopnik Lab at UC Berkeley as an undergraduate research assistant